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Healthy Eats was created out of a love and passion for quality homemade meals.  My vision is to create a nutrient dense meal that is locally sourced and freshly prepared without compromising ingredients.

Taking the guess work out of nutrition.

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Healthy eats Story

While working multiple jobs I found it difficult and frustrating to find the time to prep and cook healthy meals.  A particular challenge was attempting to make healthier choices while on-the-go. I would do my best but continued to struggle with my weight. Working in the fitness industry you are held to a higher standard and despite how hard I trained I was not achieving my goals. I continued gaining weight. It was then that I realized by continuing to eat “healthier” fast food I may never reach my goals. I started Healthy Eats with the simple vision of making it convenient for people to choose healthy options without having to compromise quality by providing a solution for making busy lives less hectic, supporting those wanting to follow a healthier lifestyle and offering freshly prepared wholesome meals at an affordable price. I look forward to helping you on your journey to better health.


“Five Stars!”

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Order online before Wednesday at 6pm for Sunday Delivery.  A minimum of 4 meals must be purchased.

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