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Convenience shouldn't sacrifice nutrition. At Healthy Eats we take pride in connecting busy people with meals that taste great while helping you reach your goals. By making your first purchase you've taken a massive step forward in your healthy eating journey!

Luke Thomas

I am the founder of Healthy Eats. I'm a personal trainer and nutritional coach with a long history of helping clients achieve their goals to become the best version of themselves. What started out as the ‘What’s for Lunch’ dilemma quickly evolved into a search for a solution to a much bigger problem.


When working with clients we often struggled to find a healthy lunchtime solution that would help us reach our wellness goals. When I started being intentional in how I approached my own lunch and taking the time to plan and prepare something specifically for that meal, it gave me the last boost I needed to reach the goals I set in the gym.

I wasn't just doing it for myself. Sharing my ‘What’s for Lunch?’ solution excited my clients and I started making ready-to-eat lunches for them. Word about it spread and more people wanted the same solution: nutritious meals that tasted great while also being convenient. That's how Healthy Eats became a reality.

Having grown up on a farm in the London, Ontario area, I have tremendous respect for the area's farmers and the superb quality of the foods they produce. Healthy Eats allows me to connect locally-sourced foods to community members like you.

Plenty of Dietary + Meal Options

Whatever you're craving and your body needs to feel its best, you'll find it in our seasonally-curated menu.

The Impact

Since we launched, we've helped people like you ease their mealtime worries and feel assured that they're fueling their bodies to maximize their energy and life. It's amazing to see so many people achieve their goals through our meal prep service and to know we're all #supportinglocal businesses along the way.

This year, we'll be expanding to new locations to continue connecting local food to local communities through nutritious meals prepped and delivered to the front door.

I'm thrilled to welcome you into the Healthy Eats community and am excited to provide nutritious food solutions that fit your lifestyle.


Luke Thomas

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