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About the Meals

Our meals are prepared fresh and delivered fresh so we recommend keeping them in the fridge. Please check the best before date on each, but we recommend consuming it within 5 days of delivery.

Simply peal one corner of the film and place meal in the microwave. Meals should be heated between 2-4 minutes.

Regular meals feed one individual.

All of our meals list the ingredients so you will be sure to know what is in each meal, including allergens.

All meals are perfectly balanced and provide the macronutrients right on the packaging and on the website.

Delivery Questions

For London & Area we deliver every in London and 45km radius. For GTA delivery we delivery to the entire GTA area and Golden Horseshoe.

We have a third party delivery company that does our deliveries. They send notifications through email and text when food will and has been delivered.

We deliver to any place that has an address! Please provide specific instructions to make it easy for our delivery drivers.

We deliver on Sundays and Wednesdays between 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Delivery is always $12. No matter how big or how small your order your delivery charge stays the same.

Dietary & Nutritional Information

At Healthy Eats, all of our meals are designed to make your life easier. All meals are portioned to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Every meal consists of 6oz of protein.

Yes, we do! Everything we get is from local farms in the area. Check out our social media channels to see who we work with.

No, we do not offer any specific diet requests.

Yes, all the chicken is halal-friendly along with our fish and vegetarian options.

Yes, we do!

Due to allergens, the only oils we keep in-house are olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.

All of our sauces, salsas, and marinades are made in-house to make sure no common allergens, preservatives, or high-sodium products are used.

How Does It Work?

All regular meals are a single portion and feed 1 person. Simply heat and eat.

This is for one-time purchases. Simply select what day you want meals delivered and how many meals. It's that easy!

Choose how many days and how many meals you want each day. Choose how often you want to pay and then select the meals you want to start with!

Meal packs have 10 total meals, and all meal packs have meals specifically chosen to be in there to help meet your goals at a discounted price!

No, you do not, but by subscribing you save 10% from the regular price.

Yes, you can! You can buy the meals and we can ship them directly to their home!

Yes, you can!

At the top of the website, you will see a timer for cut-off. That timer is for the next delivery day. Sunday delivery cut-off is Thursday at 5 a.m. Wednesday delivery cutoff is Sunday at 5 a.m.

Subscriptions are charged every Sunday. This gives you enough time select your meals for Wednesday or Sunday delivery.

We change our menu every 2 months. Because we use locally-sourced ingredients, we like to work with our farmers and use seasonal produce to showcase what we have to offer!

Managing My Subscription

From the top bar, select “Subscription”. Then, choose how many days a week and how many meals you want for each of those days. Choose how often you want to pay, and then select your meals!

Simply go to your profile, click “Manage Subscriptions”, and skip the next delivery day.

Simply go to your profile, click “Manage Subscriptions”, and cancel your subscription. There is no charge to cancel.

Simply go to your profile, click manage subscription and choose meals for the week.

The website asked for dietary preferences when you first create your profile. If you forget to choose meals by the cut-off date, the system will choose meals based on your likes and dislikes automatically.

Packaging & Recycling

All of our meals are packaged in 100% biodegradable containers.

Our containers, film, sleeve are all meant to be recycled after use.

All meals are shipped in cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled once opened.

The ice packs can be re froze or you can cut the plastic and let the liquid down the drain and recycle the plastic bag.

Payments & Promotions

We accept all credit cards and debit cards through our online payment system.

Your bank statement will show “Invoice ####”. The # will be your order number.

Every time you order you get 2% back. You can see this through your digital wallet. Choose to use this in your next order or save up!

Every time you refer a friend you get $10 in your digital wallet.

The digital wallet is a currency that can be used to purchase Healthy Eats meals. This is where your reward points, referrals, or some refunds go that can all be used on your next order!

At the end of checkout, there will be place to enter your promo code.

Refunds typically take 3-5 business days to process.

Pricing & Catering

This varies based on what plan you use but between $14-17 for entrees.

Yes, we do! If you are looking to feed the business or a team, we offer discounted pricing. If you are a gym owner looking to resell our meals to clients, we have programs for that as well! Contact us to set this up.

Yes, we do! We cater special events, businesses, and teams. (minimum order amount is $1000)

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